Why Us?

Our Impact

We are a leading non-profit organization working to preserve and advance a culture of traditional family values.

What We Do

CRI is a national leader in combating Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) in
public schools.

What We Do

Fight Indoctrination
in Public School

Public schools are increasingly used as indoctrination centers rather than focusing on reading, writing, and mathematics. Progressives have made our schools their testing grounds to promote radical ideologies. They harm our children by elevating social engineering, radical sex education, and Critical Race Theory above academic rigor and high expectations for achievement.

As schools implement policies that increasingly encroach upon your parental rights, we want you to be equipped to be an advocate for yourself and your children.

Educate the Public

We regularly present our insights to parent groups, faith-based organizations, conferences, and at many other public events. The thousands of people that we educate every year in turn go to their own communities, exponentially growing our impact throughout the nation.

To schedule a speaker contact Jordan at jordanc@capitolresource.org.
What we do

Engaging the Media

Director Karen England has been featured on various media outlets including the Laura Ingraham Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Tucker Carlson Tonight, The San Francisco Chronicle, World Net Daily, the Flash Report, and Fox News, and others.

Reaching Young People

CRI is one of the very few organizations in the nation bringing young people to the state capitol to learn how to effectively engage in our political system without checking their faith at the door. Go to cityonthehill.org to learn more about this excellent opportunity for high school students in grades 9-12.