Critical Race Theory is here.

What can we do?

It is nearly impossible to find a reasonable person in America who does not believe that we have a history of racial injustice, or that racism doesn't exist today. Critical race theory goes far beyond these  facts. It redefines our nation, its history, and its people solely through the lens of race, oppressor vs. oppressed.

Critical race theory therefore asserts that the only way to rid the world of racism is to dismantle all power structures that make racism possible. No institution is exempt - the family, the church, the free market, education, and democracy itself are all targets.

CRT: Where is it taught?


Thousands of teachers across the country have publicly signed a pledge through the Zinn Education Project to teach CRT and other liberal propaganda in public schools regardless of any regulations or laws prohibiting this kind of indoctrination. Is your child's school on the list? Click the button below to view.

This has been a tremendous undertaking, spanning many months, so there may be changes in the data. If you discover conflicting or differing information about a specific district or curriculum, please contact [email protected]

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