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Top 4 Questions

Parents and other community members are often shocked when they learn what is taught in public school classrooms. Here, you'll find answers to the most common questions we receive from our readers.

CSE: Where is it taught?


The CRI team has been working diligently to complete our CSE Map project, which will keep you informed about our fight against the dangerous agenda of the Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) movement. CRI sent a formal Open Records Request (FOIA) to each of the more than 900 school districts in California, asking them to submit information regarding the curriculum they use to teach CSE. While many school districts have submitted the requested information, some have decided to flout the law by refusing to respond. We will continue to demand answers, so check back regularly as more requests are fulfilled.

This has been a tremendous undertaking, spanning many months, so there may be changes in the data. If you discover conflicting or differing information about a specific district or curriculum, please contact [email protected]

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