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You have been on the road less traveled for some time. Now, we have come to the point of needing each other’s support more than ever. Link arms with other Kitchen Table Activists within your local community and across the nation as we all learn from the trials and triumphs of Karen England. Never again should we underestimate the influence of the kitchen table and the time we spend there. 

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Learn from the trials and triumphs of Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. Karen’s wisdom and experience will help you discover just how much influence you can have, even while sitting at your kitchen table.

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About The Kitchen
Table Activist

Karen England began her journey as a homeschooling mother with an unwavering curiosity to comprehend how our culture has changed and why. Her faith and concern lead her into citizen lobbying, advocacy and volunteering for Concerned Women for America and Eagle Forum. Now 27 years later, as President of California-based Capital Resource Institute, Karen is eager to provide you with effective steps for creating change at the local level. For 35 years, CRI has operated as a public policy organization supporting states nationwide, focusing on parental rights, religious freedom, education, marriage, and the issue of life. Consider Karen your free political consultant as you learn from her years of successes and challenges as an activist and advocate for parents, children, and families. Karen’s mission is to empower and encourage you, so she has created a toolkit to assist you in organizing your own efforts, allowing you to then work alongside likeminded parents to engage your elected officials and local school board.

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Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute, shares her trials and triumphs to educate, empower and equip citizens from all walks of life to get involved and create change in their local, state, and federal government.

It all starts at the kitchen table! Each week on the KTA Podcast, you’ll get:

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These are the perfect tools to assist you on your journey towards activism and creating change within your local, state, and federal government. Use the QR codes on the respective planner pages to listen to the coordinating podcast. Print, listen, learn and GO!


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Rebecca Hagelin

The Washington Times

“Mrs. England is a force to be reckoned with in the efforts to expose and end the abuse of America’s children in our school systems. If every state has a child protection advocate like Mrs. England, we could stop the onslaught against childhood innocence in very short order.”

Gina Gleason

Executive Director
Real Impact

"Karen England's expansive knowledge of legislation, policy, and activism will be of considerable benefit to any parent wanting to be a "Kitchen Table Activist". Whether a beginner or veteran in activism, all will benefit from England's insights and experience. She has been a trusted resource and valued friend to those of us at Real Impact for over a decade."

Melissa Clement

Executive Director
Nevada Right to Life

"Parents have always been the best advocate for their kids. But navigating the bureaucracy and politics have always put parents at a disadvantage. The Kitchen Table Activist equips parents quickly and comprehensively to lobby like a pro! There really is no better resource available."

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Partner with Kitchen Table Activists across the country as we cultivate community involvement and equip parents with generative tools for change. The funds collected will be utilized to create and support resources for existing and future local chapters, manhours for the research and FOIA requests needed to hold local governments accountable.