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Sep 24, 2022

You won’t want to miss this!

This week, in perhaps the most absurd and bizarre stunt in the history of California politics, the women of the Senate Democrat caucus will be decked out in red satin capes adorned with a cartoonish caricature of female reproductive organs (let’s hope that’s not all they’re wearing). What’s the occasion? Well, of course, they’ll be gleefully gathered on the floor of the Senate to pass the most radical abortion legislation ever written.




Standing In The Gap For Your Uterus!


These women have proclaimed themselves “Super Women to Protect Your Uterus.” You can’t make this stuff up. For the Democrat women and the gutless male Senators who support them, passing these radical bills will turn the Capitol into party central, a place of celebration, and the capes prove they find it all so amusing.




 Except…this is deadly serious. Millions of pre-born lives are at stake.

The following four bills are the cause for this foolishness.

  • SB 1142 establishes the Abortion Practical Support Fund to provide grants to organizations to cover the cost of abortion AND it also funds flights, gas, food, and childcare.

  • SB 1245 establishes LA County as an abortion safe haven.

  • AB 2223 goes far beyond the typical maneuvers to expand abortion access. It removes all civil and criminal liability for a woman who seeks or has an abortion AND anyone who helps her in the process. This bill also prevents law enforcement from investigating the death of a newborn baby if the cause can be classified as anything that happened “in utero.”

  • AB 2134 would establish the California Reproductive Health Equity Fund to provide grants to abortion providers that will, in turn, give women from California and other states funds to cover abortion costs.

The well-known adage, Nero fiddled while Rome burned, comes to mind. Our state is literally in chaos, and these people are the least serious individuals imaginable to lead us in turning things around. We are overtaxed, overburdened by unnecessary regulations, our schools are in crisis, and people are fleeing to more business and family friendly states in droves.

Yet here we are. Friends, more than ever, we need you to stand with us. Please do not idly stand by as Rome burns around us. The final votes on these bills will take place THIS WEEK, so please call, write, and if possible, go in person to the office of your elected representative.

Even Superman has an Achilles heel. We ALL must act NOW!

CLICK HERE: Contact Your Legislator About AB 1142

CLICK HERE: Contact Your Legislator About AB 2134


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