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Building Your Activist Planner

Jan 11, 2022

Building your Activist Planner is as simple or customizable as you wish.

The Activist Planner and Guide will assist you in staying organized on your journey towards activism. Your planner is filled with all of the resources, personalized action items, and planning tools you are going to need to create effective change within your local community.

It is capable of complete personalization, as far as order and binder structure is concerned. All you need to do to is download the PDF from the link below and you will have almost everything you need to take off on your Activist journey. The attached version is formatted as an example, but as we mentioned, you get to decide what set-up is going to keep you engaged.

As a suggestion, the following is a list of copies per page you can print to create a full year for your Kitchen Table Activist Planner.

  • Pages 1 - 3: 1 copy each

  • Page 4: 12 copies

  • Page 5: 52 copies

  • Page 6: 1 copy

  • Page 7: 14 copies

  • Pages 8 - 13: 1 copy each

  • Pages 14 - 16: 10 copies (print more as you need them)

Be on the look out for a video coming very soon to explain, more in depth, all of the ways you can make this resource your new favorite tool.

Click Here to Download Your Activist Planner Now!