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Book Check | This Book is Gay

Sep 24, 2022
Today, over 40 states have laws on the books that guarantee “educational obscenity exemptions” in public schools. Yes, you read that right! Superintendents, principals, teachers, and school librarians can provide and promote sexually explicit programs and materials for K-12 students without fear of facing prosecution. 
How ironic it is that if a sexual predator offered these same materials to students on the sidewalk next to the school grounds, that person would be arrested, but when obscene material is presented within the school setting and labeled “educational”, it miraculously becomes harmless in the eyes of the law. 
Earlier this year, Mary E. McAlister, Senior Counsel with the Child and Parental Rights Campaign, shared an example of how one district in Tennessee, a supposedly a conservative “red” state, circumvented parental rights and purposely placed students in harm’s way. According to McAlister, one high school staged a 90-minute assembly entitled Hot, Sexy and Safer, which included sexually explicit monologues, statements about having a “group sexual experience”, as well as “advocacy for and approval of oral sex, masturbation, homosexual sexual activity, and simulated masturbation.” 
In addition to objectionable classroom materials and mandatory events like the one just described, school libraries represent ground zero in the battle to prevent pornography and other forms of obscenity from infiltrating K-12 schools. 
To help uncover the truth about what is happening, CRI has taken an unusual step. Our organization has purchased several books that you may never see as a parent, but that may be readily available to your child.
The following three excerpts from one such book, titled This Book is Gay, by Juno Dawson. As you can see, they cover several of the “foundational” topics espoused by the radical LGBTQ+ agenda (anal sex, gender fluidity, and homophobic Christians) and clearly demonstrate the extent to which progressives will go to indoctrinate our kids.
"Wanna know a secret? Straight people have anal
sex all the time too. Another one? Straight men like
stuff up their bums just as much as gay ones. Why?
As mentioned before, the prostate gland (located
just up your bum) feels amazing when massaged.
Lots of men, gay or straight, like how this feels. Anal
sex ISN'T a "gay thing."
So if you have the misfortune to stumble onto a literalist,
homophobic Christian, how do you go about defending
yourself? Knowledge is power, my friend.
"Before we go any further, you'll note I use the word
"prefer." Sexuality and gender identity are very much about
preference. I think we all CONSIDER sex with both men and
women. Like I said, why wouldn't we? We're surrounded
by sexy images in magazines and on TV. People who say
they haven't thought about it are probably liars. Therefore,
it's all about what we prefer sexually. We need to be open-
minded at all times."
It is highly likely that your school library already offers sexually explicit material, even for very young students, so it is imperative that you become involved! While this may seem overwhelming, there are simple steps you can take today.
This week, CRI Executive Director Karen England became aware that This Book is Gay is available in her local high school library, so she is submitting a formal complaint to the principal requesting that the book be removed from the school. Please see the form below as an example of one simple step you can take in your own district. 
Friends, this shameful practice of thwarting parental rights and endangering the healthy physical and emotional development of young children must stop. We urge you to become aware of what is happening in your district, speak to district personnel and request, in writing, the district policies on sexually explicit material and events, and then start challenging the status quo. You, too, can submit a form asking your district to reconsider and remove a specific resource.
For the next several weeks, CRI will unveil excerpts from additional books that allow, and even promote, obscenity in the school setting. As much as it pained us to purchase these materials, we bought them so you don’t have to. Stay tuned for further information, and prepare yourself to make your voice heard!