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Book Check | The Lovely Bones

book check Sep 24, 2022

Pornography is Desensitizing our Children

The rapid rates of desensitizing our children sexual acts, sexual violence, and blurred lines of sexual engagement are eroding our children's innocence and breaking down every boundary society has had towards protecting and raising children. The general societal desensitization has had a massive effect and the proof can be found most profoundly, in every public school today. Rise in violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, children having sex in bathrooms, unprecedented destruction of property. Public schools are part of the normalizing and grooming process of our children! Look at the fruits.
The Children’s Assessment Center shared that on average 16-25% of children are Sexually Assaulted before the age of 18.
Tennessee, Texas, California, and other public schools allow 11-year-old children access to books like The Lovely Bones.
Right now, there are children in districts reading the story of a 14-year-old girl who is raped and murdered by her 36-year-old neighbor. Why? What is the literary value?
This book explicitly describes her rape and gruesome murder in detail. This would be traumatizing for ANY young child to read and imagine. But, for the 16-25% of children who have become victims of sexual assault - FOR THOSE CHILDREN, having no protection from something that would be absolutely triggering and most likely cause a trauma response - this access is devastating. And the damage is long-term, possibly lifelong.
Victims of abuse who are exposed to pornography, especially child pornography are running the risk of normalizing sexual abuse and keeping kids ENSLAVED, possibly for a lifetime. Because normalizing prevents reporting!