About Us

We're creating lasting change.

Capitol Resource Institute is California’s premier pro-family public policy organization. Established in 1987, CRI has been educating, equipping, and engaging citizens for 34 years. CRI has been and will continue to be your voice, effectively advocating for Judeo-Christian values in California and beyond. 
Executive Director

Karen England

Karen England serves as the Executive Director of the California-based Capitol Resource Institute, and she is also the founder and Director of Nevada Family Alliance in Nevada and Capitol Resource Institute of Tennessee. These non-profit organizations were created to advocate for traditional family values and to advance religious freedom wherever it is threatened. Karen has a long and successful history of mobilizing citizens throughout the public sphere – rallies, school board meetings, state legislatures, and through training workshops and seminars. Today, she is leading the fight against the radical leftist agenda that seeks to indoctrinate our children and dismantle any semblance of Judeo-Christian culture that remains. Karen’s passion for truth and her effectiveness in conveying this message has led to appearances on several national media outlets and publications including Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Ingraham Angle, World Net Daily, the Flash Report and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Our Team
CRI is equipped to answer your questions regarding administrative issues, donations and requesting a speaker. For any administrative inquiries, please contact Jordan at jordanc@capitolresource.org.
CRI has developed specific programs, such as Cameras in the Classroom, to further our goal of bringing back accountability and reclaiming parental rights in the public school system.
Also, each summer CRI holds City on the Hill, our longest running program. For 35 years, we've trained and equipped high school students to serve faithfully in the public sphere. For additional information contact Dana at danaf@capitolresource.org.
CRI staff is dedicated to researching, analyzing, and tracking current legislation that affects the family, religious freedom, and parental rights. We then use that information to provide talking points to legislators to assist them in speaking out against unjust and harmful legislation. For further information regarding legislative issues, please contact Toni at toni@capitolresource.org.
CRI is active on several social media platforms, as we desire to provide timely and useful information for our supporters and the public at large. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Parler, and YouTube. Please contact Katy at katy@capitolresource.org