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Consider Karen your free political consultant as you learn from her years of experience, as well as her successes and challenges as an activist and advocate for parents, children, and families.

CRI President and Original Kitchen Table Activist

Karen England

Karen England began her journey as a homeschooling mother with an unwavering curiosity to comprehend how our culture has changed and why. Her faith and concern lead her into citizen lobbying, advocacy and volunteering for Concerned Women for America and Eagle Forum. Now 27 years later, as President of California-based Capital Resource Institute, Karen is eager to provide you with effective steps for creating change at the local level. For 35 years, CRI has operated as a public policy organization supporting states nationwide, focusing on parental rights, religious freedom, education, marriage, and the issue of life. Karen’s mission is to empower and encourage you, so she has created a toolkit to assist you in organizing your own efforts, allowing you to then work alongside likeminded parents to engage your elected officials and local school board.